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  • Brushless DC Thrusters SPE-180

Brushless DC Thrusters SPE-180

Sub-Atlantics new direct drive range of brushless DC thrusters break new ground in thrust, low weight and enhanced reliability. They are currently available in four sizes, each incorporating Sub-Atlantics unique Statorshield™

Technology. Sub-Atlantics unique Statorshield™ system allows the thruster to continue running in the event of a shaft seal failure and subsequent flooding, without damage to the winding or electronic components. Integral electronic drives are oil filled and pressure compensated to 3000 metres / 10,000 feet. Four sizes are available with propeller diameters up to 380mm / 15” and bollard thrusts up to 220 kgf / 485 lbf. 



• High reliability, Rugged Design

• Unique Statorshield™ Technology

• Continued Operation in the Event of Shaft Seal Failure

• Forward/Reverse Thrust within 5-10% band

• Four sizes available

• Direct Drive Reliability (no gearbox)

• Lightweight Design

• Integral Drive Electronics

• Various Connector Options

• Various Voltage Options 

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