• Silvertip Shark camera with LED

Silvertip Shark camera with LED

Silvertip Shark subsea camera is rated to 4,000msw and fitted with a wide-angle lens and 4 high intensity LED lights. This colour video subsea cmera is ideal when great scene illumination is an imperative.
The Silvertip Shark is a small, user friendly subsea camera with LED lights and high quality color video output. The camera is fitted with Duplex Stainless Steel housing capable of depths of 4,000MSW.


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Sensor: 1/3 Super HAD CCD II
Resolution: 600 TVL
Lens: 3.6mm/ F2.0
Sensitivity: 0.0001 Lux (Sense-up)
Focal Length: Fixed
Lights: LED dimmable
Housing: Duplex Stainless Steel
Diameter: 50mm
Length ex. con: 117mm
Weight: 0.5/ 0.4kg
Depth rating: 4,000MSW
Power: 24V/ 5W
Std. Connector: 5507-1508

On request

On request