• To suit 29.2mm Diameter Umbilical Cable
  • Subsea Standard Winch to suit 600m of OD 30.2mm

Subsea Standard Winch to suit 600m of OD 30.2mm

This standard marine umbilical winch is used for lifting and lowering a cable and
end-attachment (camera, sensors, vehicle, mass, etc) from a ship of convenience, platform or
drilling rig. It is hydraulically driven from an external HPU or ship ring-main.
It can be operated either locally or remotely. A remote switch is provided on the
winch for connection the customers system.  

The drum is of fabricated steel construction and is supported on a centrally mounted slewring
bearing. This arrangement gives much better access to the slip-ring and rotating junction box
than would be available on a conventional winch with a bearing at each end of the drum.
The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor through a 54.4:1 ratio gearbox. The motor and
gearbox are mounted on the end frame, which also supports the bearing and the gearbox
protrudes into the drum thereby reducing the overall width of the winch. The gearbox is fitted
with a spring applied, fail-safe brake.

Automatic coiling gear is fitted to the winch to ensure even spooling of the umbilical cable.
This is hydraulically driven, and works by sensing the movement of the cable as it traverses
the drum. Where required the coiler can be switched into manual operation mode. The coiler
can be fixed in seven positions allowing an off-lead angle over the top of the drum between
zero and sixty degrees from horizontal. The drum is plain, hence by definition the first layer
of cable must be properly laid onto the drum as this acts as the

The winch can be operated locally via a hydraulic DCV, or remotely using a proportional
joystick. All electrical equipment on the winch is suitable for operation in a zone 1 hazardous

All four sides of the frame are guarded with a cut-out in the drive side guard for access to the
local controls.

Four lifting points are provided on the winch frame.