• Multi-Format Digital Video and Overlay
  • VisualDVR Multi-Format Digital Video and Overlay.

VisualDVR Multi-Format Digital Video and Overlay.

VisualDVR is a 4U rack-mountable digital video recorder specifically designed for the offshore survey, inspection and ROV market. VisualDVR is available in a standard model with one to four standard definition video channels which records in Windows Media Video format using a software video encoder.
This system includes the ability to add a text and graphics overlay to the video when recording it, and the ability to record both a dive log and a full inspection eventing log.

VisualDVR is also available with High Definition video encoding which is capable of recording in WMV, MPEG or H.264 formats.

VisualDVR is fully configurable and units can be networked together and synchronised, with control from any of the units or an external controller.
Built in logging can record all relevant information from ROV or diver hand-held sensors. All data can be displayed as an overlay in a practical and legible format.
In addition VisualDVR has the ability to auto-copy the video, events and sensor data directly to multiple external drives for client deliverables.

Topside equipment
  • 1, 2 or 4 channels available
  • Supports Standard and High Definition
  • Automated or user-managed video file copying
  • Scalable video quality
  • Record to any media, CD, DVD, USB Storage, Tape Backup, Network Attached Storage (NAS), RDX
  • Compatible with WGIM Inspection Manager, Netlink, SCOPE, & PIMS
  • WMV, MPEG, or H.264
  • Record to multiple media simultaneously
  • Continuous 24-7 operation
  • Open API for integration with 3rd party products
  • User definable file size and time limits
  • Built-in video overlay (see VisualOverlay)
  • Build-in 3D Structure Inspection Module (see Visual 3D-Inspector)
  • Advanced playback search features
  • Shuttle control on playback

On request

On request